What to expect, schedule & prices

Emma is a guardian of the Avalon star temple and an experienced leader of walks and pilgrimages in this sacred land. She is currently offering private walks to sacred sites in Avalon. These walked are especially created for you or your group – we decide together which route to take based on where you wish to go and where Emma is guided to take you or your group in the land.  Walks include – the holy wells and springs, Chalice Well and the Tor, star sites in the Star Temple and walks in your star sign in the star temple. Please contact her for more information and prices. 

December 12th 2022 – Earth visioning for the year ahead. 12 December is a powerful day to listen to the Earth. She will give you information about your life for the Solstice and the year ahead. More information and booking soon!

 Welcome to the Somerset Star Temple, a landscape zodiac where the stars in the heavens are mirrored on Earth in the contours and features of the land.

This land offers a powerful healing experience of truthful
reflection, a connection to life purpose and offers many
teachings. It’s also a sacred experience of connecting to Earth.

The land of Avalon is a powerful teacher, reflecting you back to your self. Walking the land with a group is a deeply cleansing, healing and rewarding experience, and because Glastonbury
is a window between the worlds, a global portal, the experience it offers is truly unique.



Insights into life purpose. Communion with the Earth and the Sun.





What is Pilgrimage?

Through the motion of our physical bodies and the rhythm of our feet in our natural environment we start to be in tune with life and make a deeper connection to self. Pilgrimage is a journey that is experienced on every level of our being, it is a cleansing soul journey, as well as being an offering to our Earth and the Sun that sustains us. In Pilgrimage you walk away limitation within yourself and connect more powerfully to purpose and what is genuinely meaningful in life. It is also an adventure to share the journey with others. We are passionate about re-kindling pilgrimage as sacred land is a great resource of wisdom, honesty and inspiration.

What is the the Glastonbury Zodiac?

A 10 mile diameter circle with Glastonbury in the North consisting of 12 land effigies. Each effigy/land feature corresponds to a Zodiac sign and holds qualities of that sign in physical form The Zodiac Circle of the Stars – are the 12 archetypes of creation. In one year from Earth the Sun is seen to travel through the star belt of the Zodiac. In fact it is the Earth that is travelling around the Sun. The journey we take around the Sun every year and our relationship to the constellations is key to the cycles of personal and universal evolution: evolution through re-volution! Our own journey through the Zodiac is the journey the Earth takes around the Sun every year as we experience the 12 influences of the Zodiac.The Summer Solstice 2012 directly relates to the Winter Solstice 2012 in that these are the 2 points in this year when the Earth, Sun and the Centre of our Milky Way galaxy line up. This pilgrimage has been especially chosen to honour this time and to consciously engage with this turning point.

Please contact Emma Stow for information on the Glastonbury Zodiac Pilgrimage.