Notes from participants & organisers

In all my visits to Glastonbury, drawn by its mystical heritage, and in all the majesty and awe I had felt, still it’s mysteries seemed to remain elusively hidden behind the mists of Avalon. In the Glastonbury Zodiac pilgrimage, to guide those willing to walk on an ancient path where the heavens’ lines are mirror mapped within land, I found my first true introduction to the land of Glastonbury.I felt like I was welcomed more warmly by it, that its secrets were unveiled and its beauty became more generous, because I was with a spokesperson for it, that the land knew and trusted. The lines of the land, its undulations, water pools, hills and forests became no longer arbitrarily arranged, but imbued with significance; Emma shared with us her knowledge of how the Earth holds the energies of the constellations within her body, and helped us to see this with new eyes, and more importantly, feel within us.

The pilgrimage helped me to understand the meaning of the signs, through Emma’s elaborations but also through the silence and space we were allowed to walk the zodiac and experience the energies and the meaning of the zodiac uniquely. We were a mixture of the astrologically aware and inexperienced, and I enjoyed seeing how everyone was moved by discovering new ways of perceiving.  It was an interlude of eternal and sacred communion between heaven, earth and man, and it was an experience I will not forget, and will quickly recommend to anyone who feels a pulse that calls to experience the spirit in their veins, who loves the land they live on, and who wants to know the mysteries of Glastonbury more intimately. Ella, Edinburgh – pilgrim of 2010

What a revelation the landscape of the Glastonbury Zodiac is!It’s actually quite amazing and a marvel to me how the
different signs ‘feel’ so different. To those of you who enjoy
walking and communing with nature, I would definitely say go and
walk the Zodiac, and do so with your heart open. This
landscape offers something special: a deeper, totally loving
connection which fills you up. I truly left feeling full of
joy and wonder. Suay, Brighton – pilgrim of 2011

 Emma Stow retreat co-creator