This is an educational body run by Emma Stow that supports the quest of living by love in harmony with the flow of creativity and evolution.

‘An interlude of eternal and sacred communion between heaven, earth and man, and an experience I will not forget’
Glastonbury Zodiac pilgrim 2010

Welcome to the Somerset Star Temple, a landscape zodiac where the stars in the heavens are mirrored on Earth in the contours and features of the land.

Also known as Avalon. Held sacred for centuries for its unique natural features and for its associations with the Holy Grail.

Today this land still holds wisdom for those who seek it and walking there is a profound and revealing experience.

Since 2009 The Star Path Pilgrimage has created a whole series of walking events that honour the wisdom of the land and consciously reawaken the sacred act of pilgrimage in a new era where this activity brings great rewards, meaning and support to those walking the path of truth. We have been lucky enough to enjoy walking these ancient paths and the wealth of experience they offer at a time when sacred land of the United Kingdom is reawakening as we are. 

Please contact Emma Stow for more information on The Star Path Pilgrimage, retreats and events including groups bookings for the Glastonbury Zodiac. You can find out more about Emma on her website.

‘For me, the pilgrimage opened up my mind and my heart to the relationship between the starry skies and the earth we walk on, and taught me how we – born of a marriage of the two – need the wisdom of both.’