What to expect, schedule & prices

Guided walk in the star temple landscape,  a solstice journey of the soul to one of the most sacred sites.

Insights into life purpose and astrological keys in your birth chart. Communion with the Earth and the Sun.

Beautiful peaceful camping location in Somerset between Lollover Hill and Dundon Hill

Mid Summer feast

Amazing food, professional chef offering multi-dimensional culinary creations sourced from the land we are walking on! (Brett really is a food wizard making kitchen alchemy that is a feast for the body and soul)

*Out door hot tub under the stars heated by a wood fire

* Mid Summer Camp fires everynight

*Inspirational talks by Emma and other speakers

*Swimming in the river Brue.

*Evening entertainments including music, poetry and dance

*Star watching and Solstice meditation

You will be walking from Aries to Pisces in the Glastonbury Zodiac from Tuesday to Sunday when we will reach our destination of Glastonbury Tor. The focus is on walking sacred land and the experiences we have in it and part of each sign will be walked in silence.  The distance is about 8 to 10 miles a day and will be walked at a moderate pace to appreciate the landscape and to include all physical abilities and children. This is a family friendly event and we encourage children to attend, child care is available to allow adults to walk in the land. There are drivers to collect people who cannot complete the routes. We will return every afternoon to our base camp. Sleeping on the land increases our contact with the Earth and helps to ground the experiences of the day.

What is Pilgrimage?

Through the motion of our physical bodies and the rhythm of our feet in our natural environment we start to be in tune with life and make a deeper connection to self. Pilgrimage is a journey that is experienced on every level of our being, it is a cleansing soul journey, as well as being an offering to our Earth and the Sun that sustains us. In Pilgrimage you walk away limitation within yourself and connect more powerfully to purpose and what is genuinely meaningful in life. It is also an adventure to share the journey with others. We are passionate about re-kindling pilgrimage as sacred land is a great resource of wisdom, honesty and inspiration.

What is the the Glastonbury Zodiac?

A 10 mile diameter circle with Glastonbury in the North consisting of 12 land effigies. Each effigy/land feature corresponds to a Zodiac sign and holds qualities of that sign in physical form The Zodiac Circle of the Stars – are the 12 archetypes of creation. In one year from Earth the Sun is seen to travel through the star belt of the Zodiac. In fact it is the Earth that is travelling around the Sun. The journey we take around the Sun every year and our relationship to the constellations is key to the cycles of personal and universal evolution: evolution through re-volution! Our own journey through the Zodiac is the journey the Earth takes around the Sun every year as we experience the 12 influences of the Zodiac.The Summer Solstice 2012 directly relates to the Winter Solstice 2012 in that these are the 2 points in this year when the Earth, Sun and the Centre of our Milky Way galaxy line up. This pilgrimage has been especially chosen to honour this time and to consciously engage with this turning point.

Please contact Emma Stow for information on the Glastonbury Zodiac Pilgrimage.